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William Bogar, DC, DACBR

Bogar1Natural health care professionals in today's world of integrative medicine need a working knowledge of modern diagnostic imaging: X-ray, MRI, CT scans and other emerging imaging technologies.

At National University of Health Sciences, students in all professional degree programs, chiropractic, naturopathic and oriental medicine, study diagnostic imaging at varying levels of intensity.

Meet William Bogar, DC, who is chief of diagnostic imaging and residency at NUHS and also a DACBR (Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Radiology). Dr. Bogar has served on National's radiology and diagnostic imaging faculty for over 22 years.

"Our area oversees both academic and clinical radiology," says Dr. Bogar. This means he oversees the curriculum for classes and advanced residencies in diagnostic imaging, as well as the reading of X-rays and special imaging for both NUHS clinic patients and those that are sent to the NUHS' Diagnostic Imaging Consulting Service from physicians in the field.

"We prepare all of our professional degree students for an integrative medical environment," says Dr. Bogar. "Therefore all of our students need to know what an MRI will show them versus a CAT scan versus a nuclear scan versus conventional radiography. They need to understand each of these modalities and what each is utilized for. That way, they can make proper referrals and proper interpretations of their patients' medical charts, as well as work well on an integrative medical team."

National's diagnostic imaging staff, with five faculty and three residents, is top-notch. "I get calls literally from all over the world asking for information or our opinion on diagnostic imaging questions," says Dr. Bogar. National University not only operates a diagnostic imaging reading service, providing expert consultation on films sent in from field physicians, but also uses its digital radiography and other imaging equipment for the university's many research projects.

Digital DI

"What I'm very excited about is our digital radiography equipment with onsite PACS (picture archival communication system), where we can view and read images digitally from our Lombard and Chicago clinics," says Dr. Bogar.

Not only does NUHS offer a postgraduate residency in diagnostic imaging, but it also offers a Master of Science Degree in Diagnostic Imaging as well. Its residents have an exceptionally high pass rate for the DACBR exam, and has produced noteworthy radiologists in the chiropractic profession, including Dr. James F. Winterstein, the university's president, who completed a residency in radiology at National, holds a DACBR, and is part of the diagnostic imaging faculty.

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