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These lists are intended to provide possible sources of information.

Possible Sources

Please determine with your instructor which sources are appropriate for your coursework.

Streaming Videos

Top streaming videos for each program have been screened and selected by students. Click on the title to watch the video. Find the complete listings of our streaming videos on A-to-Z (select Index from gray menu to find video collections by name, look for "in Video" in title, and click on the Title List to browse programs.)

NUHS Staff Picks

Cover _beingmortalBeing Mortal by Atul Gawande is a must-read for anyone who expects to get old or who has aging parents (so, basically everyone). Dealing with the difficulties and decisions of aging and end-of-life issues is depicted in humane, thoughtful and heart-felt real-life vignettes. Being Mortal is a compassionate book to initiate the discussions that we need to have. This book also is available electronically through eReadIllinois on our eResources page.