Starting Your Research

According to the NUHS policy "Research Proposals," all research projects, regardless of subject matter or funding source, must be reviewed for scientific merit, time commitment, and funding requests to ensure that the research is of the highest quality possible. Before starting a project, complete and submit the Application for Approval of a New Research Project to the NUHS Research Committee for review.

Research utilizing human or animal subjects requires subsequent review for ethical consideration. For additional information on preparing your application, see Guide for Preparations and Processing of Human Research (The Blue Book).


Case Reports

NUHS policy specifies that all research projects involving human subjects must be reviewed by the Research Committee and approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB); however, a case report (1 patient) or case series (more than 1 patient) that report the observations of a subject(s) receiving the normal standard of care is generally not considered research because there is no intent to test a hypothesis via systematic analysis. Use the Decision Tree (below) and the NUHS Guidance for Case Studies to assist you in determining if your case report/case series is research.

Research or Non-Research Decision Tree for IRB Submission

Case Report _flowchart

* See NUHS Guidance Case Studies for more information.