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Healthy Kids

Healthy Kids Open House is a first-of-its-kind event organized by the National University of Health Sciences. You'll learn and explore how to keep your children in optimal health from National University's naturopathic, chiropractic and oriental medicine experts. This fun-filled event is packed with informative lectures, activities and demonstrations that will keep you and your children engaged and interested in healthy living!


Saturday, May 13

10:00am - 3:00pm

       Fit • Fun • Free!

Informative Talks

National University faculty experts will teach you many practical health tips that you can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. Specializing in natural medicine, our experts are qualified to offer advice that is 100 percent natural and safe. Throughout the day, they will discuss:

  • Healthy snacks and lunch ideas for kids
  • Best brain nutrients for little learners
  • Summer safety and natural first-aid 
  • Hydration practices
  • Keep calm and parent on (parenting life hacks)

Interactive Classes

Use ancient arts to improve your child's concentration and coordination. These fun activities can also be a great method for keeping your children calm and relaxed. 

Tai-chi -  This safe form of soft exercise focuses on the flow of movement, utiltizing both mind and body.

Yoga - Many of the postures in yoga come intuitively to children. Like Tai-chi, the breathing and focus involved has both mind and body benefits.

Demonstrations & Tours

  • Hydrotherapy techniques - Witness the healing power of water in our new hydrotherapy suite that includes steam, sauna, and immersion therapy equipment.
  • Cupping therapy - This ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine is used to treat several ailments, including back, shoulder, and neck pain. Most recently you may have noticed it being utilized by olympic atheletes. 
  • Posture analysis - Learn how to spot poor posture habits in your kids early on from our chiropractic medicine experts.
  • Diagnostic imaging -  Through the advanced diagnostic technology and equiptment in our clinic, view the joint and muscle ailments that are common among children.
  • Whole Health Center tour -  Take a tour of our clinic that offers health care services in chiropractic, naturopathic, acupuncture, oriental medicine and massage therapy. 

Any time during the day, you and your kids can enjoy free refreshments, health snacks, games, prizes and family portraits. You can also visit and talk with local vendors who provide health services to our local community.   

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Meet our experts:


Robert Shiel, Ph.D., has been a member of the NUHS faculty since 1980 and is currently the dean of the College of Professional Studies. A clinical psychologist, his expertise lies in the fields of family therapy, interpersonal psychology and in health psychology. He also has experience working in private practice, community mental health, and in the Veterans Administration system. 



Dr ._michelle _ennsmann _225x 300

Michelle Ennsman, DC, ND, is Chief Clinician of Naturopathic Medicine at the NUHS Whole Health Center in Lombard. She earned both her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and her Doctor of Chiropractic degrees from National University and her Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University/Purdue University. She also runs her own private medical practice in Winfield, Ill., which encompasses naturopathic and chiropractic medicine along with massage therapy.  


Jamine -blesoff -naturopathic -doctor -chicago -illinois

Jamine Blesoff, ND, is an Instructor in the Clinical Sciences department for the Doctor of Chiropractic and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine programs at National University. She brings with her years of experience in providing infants, children and women with natural preventative care. Dr. Blesoff received her BA from the University of Connecticut and her doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. 



Jennifergreen _250w

Jennifer Green, ND, earned her degree in Naturopathic Medicine after working as a microbiologist for Baxter Pharmaceuticals. She first began working in private practice at an integrative clinic and is currently an instructor for the naturopathic clinical program at National University. She earned her bachelor's degree from Loyola University in Chicago in 2004.