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Acupuncture Care for Veterans

The NUHS Whole Health Center - Lombard offers acupuncture care for combat veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Our clinic uses a special protocol which is effective in reducing the symptoms of PTSD. Any veterans seeking relief from PTSD are encouraged to call for an appointment.

There are more veterans who are surviving battlefield injuries due to improvements in traumatic injury care, and more veterans who have been through more tour of duties during recent conflicts. This has resulted in an increase in PTSD among veterans.

Symptoms of PTSD

PTSD can occur after any life-threatening, terrifying or traumatic event, and can include symptoms such as:

  • Flashbacks-reliving the trauma over and over, including physical symptoms like a racing heart or sweating.
  • Bad dreams and frightening thoughts.
  • Feeling emotionally numb or feeling strong guilt, depression, or worry.
  • Losing interest in activities that were enjoyable in the past
  • Being easily startled or feeling tense or "on edge."
  • Difficulty sleeping, and/or having angry outbursts.

Vet Display1Our Treatment Program

Vets visiting the NUHS clinic receive acupuncture using the NADA protocol. This system uses small pellets or needles in key points on the ear.

Additionally, vets can receive instruction in simple Tai Chi and Qi Gong movements for deep relaxation and a way to deal with stress. Veterans with chronic pain from injuries are given "take-home therapy" in the form of acupressure micro-points they can stimulate for quick pain relief, as well as eye-movement therapy they can use at home to re-program traumatic memories.

Our veterans, grateful for the help they have received, have helped create a special wall display of momentos from their service and individual tours of duty.  The display gives hope and inspiration to new patients with PTSD, and is a reminder that those who suffer from PTSD come from all branches of the service, and all conflicts and wars in our nation's history.

Make an Appointment

For more information, or if you are a veteran who would like to make an appointment for PTSD treatment, call 630-629-9664.

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