Admissions - Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine


At National University, we work to create facilities that promote learning and stay abreast of the changing technologies in health science education. 

Learning Resource Center (LRC)
One of the largest medical libraries in the region, National University's LRC offers 13,000 book titles, 165 print journal subscriptions, 600 audiovisual programs, and its website links to online biomedical journals and databases in a collection supporting all of our programs. Learn more »

Biochemistry / Neuroanatomy Laboratory
New student lab tables feature moveable tabletops that rise and fall to accommodate different working heights and also include network connections for computers. The teaching station also has a ceiling-mounted camera over the teaching area which allows for big-screen projection of lab demonstrations.

Gross Anatomy Laboratory
Our expansive gross anatomy laboratory at our Illinois campus contains dissecting facilities for 42 cadavers. Our Florida site's anatomy lab boasts state-of-the-art downdraft tables and a high definition camera that facilitates group viewing.

Interactive Classrooms
Our campus offers two newly digitized, fully interactive classrooms boasting a host of technology upgrades. Wi-Fi compatibility and electric outlets are built into the seating for student laptops. In all of our newly remodeled classrooms, we've chosen furnishings, chairs and tables made from recycled materials whenever possible.

Training and Assessment Center (TAC)
Newly digitized with remote cameras, speakers and intercoms, the electronic renovations of both our Illinois and Florida training and assessment centers allows digital capture of live interactions between students and standardized patients.