Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Program

Trimester-by-Trimester Curriculum

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Total Program Credits: 248

This is a 4-term Phase I schedule. This phase may also be completed in 5 or 6 terms. Your advisor will work with you to determine whether you should follow this 4-term track or choose the 5-term or 6-term track.

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Term One (Trimester 1)

Course 23.5 Total Credits
AN5101 Spine and Extremities Anatomy
AN5102 Spine and Extremities Anatomy Lab
AN5107 Histology and Embryology I
BC5104 Human Biochemistry
BC5105 Clinical Biochemistry
FH5106 Fundamentals of Natural Medicine & Historical Perspectives
PH5013 Cellular Physiology & Hematology

Term Two (Trimester 2)

Course 26.5 Total Credits
AN5201 Head and Neck Anatomy
AN5202 Head and Neck Anatomy Lab
AN5203 Neuroanatomy
BU5209 Introduction to Business Principles
EM5207 Evaluation & Management of the Chest and Thoracic Spine
MI5205 Fundamentals of Public Health
PA5204 Fundamentals of Pathology
PH5208 Neurophysiology
RA5206 Normal Radiographic Anatomy & Variants

Term Three (Trimester 3)

Course 26.0 Total Credits
AN5304 Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis Anatomy
AN5305 Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis Anatomy Lab
AN5307 Histology and Embryology II
BC5308 Nutritional Biochemistry I
EM5309 Evaluation & Management of the Abdomen, Pelvis and Lumbar Spine
FH5310 Whole Health Concepts & Philosophical Perspectives
MI5303 Medical Microbiology I
PA5302 Systems Pathology I
PH5306 Nueroendocrinology, GI & Reproductive Physiology

Term Four (Trimester 4)

Course 27.0 Total Credits
BC5409 Nutritional Biochemistry II
EM5408 Evaluation & Management of the Head, Neck & Cervical Spine
EP5401 Evidence-Based Practice: Critical Appraisal of the Biomedical Literature
GE5404 Medical Genomics
MI5403 Medical Microbiology II
NN5406 Science of Diet & Nutrition
PA5402 Systems Pathology II
PH5405 Cardiovascular, Respiratory & Renal Physiology
RA5407 Radiation Physics & Technology

This is a 4-term Phase II schedule. This phase may also be completed in 5 or 6 terms. Your advisor will work with you to determine whether you should follow this 4-term track or choose the 5-term or 6-term track.

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Term One (Trimester 5)

Course 28.0 Total Credits
EM6101 Evaluation & Management of the Extremities
EM6103 Evaluation & Management of the Gi/GU & Reproductive Systems
EM6104 Evaluation & Management of the Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems
EM6105 Evaluation & Management of the EENT
EM6106 Evaluation & Management of the Neurological System
EM6112 Evaluation & Management of the Musculoskeletal System I
MM6110 Soft Tissue Management
NN6107 Pharmacology I
NN6108 Botanical Medicine I
RA6109 Fundamentals of Imaging: Arthritides & Trauma

Term Two (Trimester 6)

Course 28.0 Total Credits
BU6201 Principles of Marketing & Communication
EM6202 Physical and Laboratory Diagnosis
EM6207 Pediatrics, Geriatrics & Female Health Issues
EM6210 The Clinical Encounter
EM6212 Evaluation & Management of the Musculoskeletal System II
FR6204 Functional Rehabilitation I: Introduction to Therapeutic Exercise & Spinal Rehabilitation
MM6208 Orthopedic Musculoskeletal Imaging
MM6209 Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques I
MM6211 Diversified Technique
NN6206 Pharmacology II
RA6205 Fundamentals of Imaging: Skeletal Dysplasia, Tumors, Endocrine & Hematopoietic Disorders

Term Three (Trimester 7)

Course 28.5 Total Credits
BU6306 Business Planning
EC6303 Ambulatory Trauma Care
EM6304 Advanced Diagnosis & Problem Solving
EM6305 Psychopathology & Health Psychology
EP6401 Evidence-Based Practice: Applied EBP
FR6307 Physiological Therapeutics: Modalities
FR6309 Functional Rehabilitation II: Extremity Rehabilitation
MM6312 End Range Loading & Flexion/Distraction Technique
NN6301 Clinical Nutrition
NN6308 Botanical Medicine II
RA6302 Fundamentals of Imaging: Chest & Abdomen

Term Four (Trimester 8)

Course 26.5 Total Credits
BU6404 Ethical Management of the Chiropractic Practice
BU6407 Jurisprudence & Ethics
EM6403 Clinical Natural Medicine
EM6405 Doctor-Patient Relationship
EM6406 Dermatology
EP7101 Evidence-Based Practice: Journal Club
IC7000 Clinic Internship I
MM6310 Advanced Manual Therapy Techniques II
MM6311 Comparative Techniques & Listing Systems
RA6408 Report Writing & Advanced Imaging
RA6409 Radiographic Positioning & Radiology Management

This is a 2-term Phase III schedule.

Term One (Trimester 9)

Course 17.0 Total Credits
IC7100 Clinic Internship II

Term Two (Trimester 10)

Course 17.0 Total Credits
IC7200 Clinic Internship III