Massage Therapy Program

Meet Our Massage Therapy Faculty

Here are three of our faculty members teaching in the massage therapy certification and associate of applied science degree in massage therapy programs here at National University.  They are just a sampling of the several dozen professors and instructors that are part of massage therapy instruction in our College of Allied Health Sciences and Distance Education. View Faculty Directory »

Photo of Randy Swenson

Randy Swenson, MHPE, DC

"The clinical experience at national is real-world. Students in massage therapy work alongside students in the DC, ND, AOM programs, so they can get to know better what each of them does. They work as an integrated team for the benefit of the patient or client."

Photo of Patricia Coe

Patricia Coe, DC, ND, MS

"I love my job. I get to teach; I get to know these students for an entire year and be part of their professional training. I enjoy the opportunity to see them from the first week, work with them one-on-one, and watch them come into their own as massage therapists."

Photo of Dan Schuh

Dan Schuh, DC

"At National University, you'll have a great opportunity to get into the cadaver lab and touch what you'll actually be working on. It reinforces what you just learned sitting in a lecture for two hours. National goes above and beyond what I've seen from other schools, and beyond what you'll find on any board exam."


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