Faculty - Massage Therapy

Dan Schuh, DC

Profile - MT FacultyDan Schuh decided to enroll in National's one-year massage therapy program before starting his doctor of chiropractic degree.

"Spending a year in the massage therapy program gave me a way to make sure National University was the school for me," says Dan. "Becoming a licensed massage therapist also provided me with a way to earn money while I was in the doctor of chiropractic program."

In addition to teaching in National's massage program, Dr. Schuh has a chiropractic practice with another doctor in Lake Zurich, Illinois. "We have three massage therapists on staff. The vast majority of my patients receive massage before their chiropractic treatment, either from me or one of the therapists."

Profile - MT Faculty (teaching)How does it feel to be teaching? "I received such a great education that I feel honored to pass on what I've learned. I always thought I'd get into teaching later in life, like during my retirement. But I found out that I love it. It can take a whole week to prepare a one-hour lecture, and I try to make it fun. Every night that there is a class, I feel a sense of gratitude.

"At NUHS, you'll have a great opportunity to get into the cadaver lab and touch what you'll actually be working on. It reinforces what you just learned sitting in a lecture for two hours.

"National as a school goes above and beyond what I've seen from other schools, and beyond what you'll find on any board exam. Some of the massage therapists in my office who went to other schools are good, but they're always coming to me to ask me for what I've learned. As a doctor, when I talk to my massage therapist employees, I talk to them in medical terminology. At National, you learn that. You're going to learn how to work in a professional medical setting.

"As far as being in the program, the big thing is time management and organization and keeping up on your studies. You need to set time aside each day to go over the information," says Dr. Schuh. 

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