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Jaya Prakash, MD, SM (NRCM) and SM (ASCP)

Prakash Jaya _200Dr. Jaya Prakash was born and raised in India, near Bombay, in a city called Pune. She finished her medical education (MBBS which is equivalent to MD in the US) and then proceeded to research infectious microbes to get her MD (specialization in infectious diseases/medical microbiology) from University of Poona. Her doctoral thesis was on Klebsiella pneumoniae  and plasmids of antibiotic resistance. In addition, she holds a Masters of Public Health in disaster management and emergency preparedness from Benedictine University.

She is certified as a Specialist Microbiologist (Medical Microbiology & Public Health Microbiology) by the American Academy of Microbiology and American Society of Clinical Pathologists. She has worked for 10 years in India in infectious diseases as a lecturer and as an associate professor in two different medical colleges and teaching hospitals. In these positions she was in charge of labs collaborating with the World Health Organization as well as state epidemiology labs.

For past 19 years, she has been in the US and became a US citizen in 2006. She taught at NUHS' Lombard campus and was a department chair for 8 years as well as a full professor. She has worked on the development of various curricula including a problem-based curriculum and undergraduate curriculum for the BS in biomedical sciences program at NUHS. She has published and presented numerous research articles in peer reviewed publications. Two of her presentations were featured at national conferences. 

She joined Kaplan University School of Health Sciences in May 2007. As an academic department chair and program director she developed a BS in health science program, a BS in public health and a masters in public health program as well as assisting the development of a BS in nutrition science program during its initial phases.  

She returned to NUHS as a full time faculty in microbiology at our Florida site in September of 2010.  She currently teaches both medical microbiology courses as well as fundamentals of pathology and systems pathology courses.  She is active in the American Public Health Association as a chairperson for the Global Health Expertise Directory workgroup. In addition, she volunteers with Pinellas County emergency management as a consultant for special needs populations and pandemic influenza planning. She loves swimming, walking, talking with friends, and Sci-Fi (including Star Wars). Her hobbies are astronomy, listening to music, dabbling in gardening and hanging out with her daughter.

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